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Taking Charge of Your Health: Getting to the Next Level of Balancing Your Health & Emotions


Once you have received your Body Landscape Nutritional Consultation you are now beginning the journey of knowing how to take care of your own health over the long term.

You now have the knowledge of which foods fundamentally create imbalance for your body, do not serve your body well, and can potentially cause health problems, and which foods will best establish balance, support your health, and alleviate health symptoms.

From this point on, the personal experience of how your nutritional program affects your body, your emotions, and your health is an important tool that will serve you through the rest of your life.
This experience allows you to know how different foods affect your health from day to day, and month to month, and will be your guide as you gain better communication skills with your body to keep it finely tuned in a state of healthy internal balance.

How you participate in your nutritional program determines whether or not you will shift up into this new level of experience. In order to experience this shift in health it is important to diligently refrain from eating all the foods on your “avoid” list over the long term. This also needs to be combined with sufficiently emphasizing the list of foods that most promote healing for your specific energy makeup. This combination creates the internal energetic momentum necessary for your body’s internal healing system to wake up and begin the healing processes. It sets the stage for your body’s ability to recover its health.

When you can be diligent with following your Five Element Sasang nutritional program, after a few weeks internal healing processes will begin. In most cases, when I meet with clients for their first 4-week Follow-up consultation they have already experienced that some of their health symptoms are gone. Often, as I go over their original list of symptoms, a client will remark, “Oh, I forgot I had that! Yes, it’s gone.” The more long-term, chronic the symptom, the longer it will take to be alleviated.

This initial stage of the body’s healing processes can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months. During this time you will usually need some guidance to recognize what these processes are and how to address them with finer adjustments to your diet. This is where the  Follow-up consultations can be particularly helpful. For most people it is difficult to be objective in assessing their own symptoms, as our emotional reactions to unpleasant feelings can color or cloud our clear assessment of what is occurring and how to best address it.

Your Body Landscape Five Element Sasang dietary program goes beyond being a “healthy diet”. A healthy diet means you refrain from eating junk food, processed food, or food with a long list of chemicals in the ingredients. This is an excellent beginning.
However, many of my clients had already been “eating healthy” for years, but were still experiencing chronic health issues. This is because their diet wasn’t specifically designed to balance the internal energy patterns they were born with.

If you are someone who has only “half-followed” your diet, or followed it for a while and then got side tracked and never quite found your way back, I encourage you to get back on track. Do not miss out on the opportunity to experience a significant shift in your health. The beginning of the journey takes some effort, to build the momentum of retraining the body in its eating habits, but once that momentum starts moving then there is a whole new world that can open up to you. You can feel better than you ever imagined possible.

This new state of internal balance allows you to function at your best in your daily life, and creates a spacious, open foundation free of physical and emotional obstacles, which, if you are so inclined,  also opens you to deeper explorations and possibilities in a spiritual practice.

– Jaguang

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Featured Client
As each person generously shares her/his experiences on their body constitution diets I hope this series will inspire and motivate you in your own journey to greater health.

Marie Capron
Body Constitution: Lesser Yang

“I first heard about Body Landscape through my yoga teacher, Sarah Powers. She described her own symptoms, such as having cold hands, and my experience was exactly the same. So I was motivated to better understand my symptoms and emotions, and how they might be connected to my diet.

In the consultation I learned that I am a Lesser Yang constitution. The diet was a big change from my usual eating habits, but I really wanted to understand myself at a deeper level. The fact that some of my internal organs had weaker energy was very interesting, and I felt it was important to improve that. After starting the diet I was quickly able to feel the difference from my old diet, particularly with digestion. I had had headaches all my life, with nausea and vomiting, and “low-normal” blood pressure. I was also experiencing abdominal pain, low back pain, leg cramps and fatigue. I was drinking a lot of coffee, which I decided to stop.

The Follow-up consultations helped to encourage me to continue the diet. They were important for me because it was a real challenge to follow the Lesser Yang diet. I had to watch everything I bought in groceries, and check all the ingredients. Now I cook almost everything I eat, so I know what I’m eating.

The Follow-up appointments also provided much support, in terms of my emotions. This was not only for the first 3-4 months, but also doing another Follow-up in 9 months or so. I used to be so impatient, and now that I understand this, and why I used to try and squeeze so many tasks into a day, I don’t do that anymore.

After the second Follow-up consultation I was no longer tempted to go back to my old diet because my body felt like it had found its natural state. It felt like my body had found its home, had returned to a home that I had never before discovered. Since then I’ve never gone back to eating warming food.

This is a full body health program, addressing both my physical and emotional aspects. This is a big part of the benefit, and why it feels like my body has come home. We eat three meals a day, so food is a primary factor in our lives.

At Christmas I indulged in one glass of wine, and my body felt it immediately. Now I will not drink it at all. I felt how it hurt my body, and it’s important to listen to my body. This is why I won’t go back to eating peppers or chocolate, I have no attraction to any foods outside my diet. My body is feeling so well.

I can now feel my energy at a more natural level. I had been drinking a lot of coffee to get more energy but it felt like a false energy. I wanted to find a natural energy that was really coming from my body, not from taking a caffeine stimulant.

Gradually my cold hands have significantly improved. I have no more headaches, no digestive problems, and my blood pressure is much improved. I also use yoga to improve my kidney and liver energies. I have now been on my Lesser Yang diet for 2 years.
I was truly motivated by Sarah Powers’ recommendation of this system when she spoke of her own experiences with it. When you see it in yourself and experience the results this is a sincere recommendation.”

– Marie Capron, Yoga teacher, Tournefeuille, France



Scroll down for Marie’s Lesser Yang Friendly recipes!

French translation:

J’ai entendu parler la première fois de la consultation Body Landscape lors de ma formation avec Sarah Powers. En décrivant ses propres symptômes, comme la sensation d’avoir les mains froides, je me suis aperçue que j’avais les mêmes. Et cela m’a incité à mieux comprendre mes symptômes et mes émotions et comment ils étaient reliés à mon alimentation.

Lors de ma consultation, j’ai appris que ma constitution était Lesser Yang (Yang extrême). Le changement d’alimentation était drastique mais je souhaitais mieux me connaitre. J’ai été très intéressée de comprendre l’énergie liée à chaque organe et leur force et faiblesse et j’ai réalisé l’importance d’améliorer leur équilibre. Très vite, après avoir commencé ma nouvelle alimentation, j’ai vu très vite les effets positifs en particulier sur la digestion. Je buvais beaucoup de café et j’ai décidé d’arrêter complètement. J’ai eu des migraines toute ma vie accompagnées de nausées et de vomissements ainsi qu’une tension artérielle basse.

Les consultations de suivi m’ont beaucoup aidé à continuer l’alimentation car l’adaptation Lesser Yang est un challenge. J’ai du étudier chaque étiquette et regarder attentivement tous les ingrédients. Je cuisine maintenant pratiquement tout ce que je mange pour être sure des ingrédients.

Les consultations de suivi m’ont aussi beaucoup apporté sur mes émotions et j’ai pris une consultation dédiée sur le sujet 9 mois après. J’ai un naturel impatient et maintenant j’en comprends la raison et pourquoi j’ai essayé pendant longtemps de faire rentrer trop de choses dans ma journée, ce que je ne fais plus.

Après la seconde consultation, je n’étais plus tentée de revenir en arrière car mon corps avait retrouvé un état plus naturel, comme s’il avait trouvé une zone de confort qu’il ne connaissait pas avant. Et depuis je fais très attention à ne pas prendre d’aliments chauds.

L’avantage de ce programme est qu’il est complet et adresse la santé globale du corps et les émotions : on revient dans un état d’énergie naturel. Avec 3 repas par jour, l’alimentation est un des facteurs les plus influent sur notre santé et notre vie.

A Noël, j’ai ressenti l’effet de prendre un verre de vin rouge immédiatement dans mon corps. Ressentir ce qui n’est pas bon pour moi, n’incite pas à en prendre. C’est important d’être à l’écoute de son corps. De même je ne mange plus de poivrons ou de chocolat par exemple and je n’ai pas d’envie d’aliments qui ne font pas partie de mon alimentation car mon corps se sent bien.

Je buvais beaucoup de café pour avoir de l’énergie dans la journée mais cela était une fausse sensation. Je peux ressentir maintenant que mon énergie est plus naturelle et qu’elle vient réellement de mon corps et non d’un stimulant extérieur.

La sensation de mains froides s’est améliorée petit à petit. Je n’ai plus de migraines, ni de lourdeurs au niveau de la digestion et ma tension artérielle s’est améliorée. Je pratique aussi chaque jour des postures de Yoga dédiées pour renforcer les énergies de mes reins et du foie. Je suis l’alimentation pour le type Lesser Yang depuis maintenant 2 ans.

J’ai été très motivée par la recommandation de Sarah Powers sur la consultation Body Landscape. Faire l’expérience par soi-même et en ressentir les effets est la meilleure recommandation

Marie Capron, professeur de Yoga, Tournefeuille, France

Marie’s Lesser Yang Friendly recipes:

Olive bread with tomatoes and oregano

200ml of oat milk or rice/buckwheat milk 10 black olives
10 green olives
10 dry tomatoes
50g of oatmeal
100g of buckwheat flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder

Oven at 180°C, mix flour, oatmeal, baking powder and milk, add olives, dry tomatoes and oregano, bake for 30 min.

Buckwheat pizza

200g of buckwheat flour
100g of rice flour
1 tsp of baking powder
3 tsp of Olive oil
Tomato sauce
Zucchini, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, tomatoes

Set oven at 185°C, mix buckwheat and rice flour, baking powder, olive oil . separate into 4 small crusts on a baking sheet, and bake in oven for 10min . Remove from oven, spread on the tomato sauce and vegetables, then back to oven for 10 min additional, sprinkle on the oregano.

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