My Featured Client this issue has a remarkable story to tell. Her body constitution is Lesser Yang. Her perseverance in following her Five Element Sasang diet and the dramatic improvements she experienced in her health will be a wonderful inspiration for everyone. Be sure to read her story, below.

Your Journey to Wellness

Your body has a natural ability to heal itselfYou have an internal healing system that is constantly trying to maintain good health.

However, you can unknowingly thwart that system by eating foods that work against your body constitution, what I call your “negative impact foods”, or NIF. Eventually your natural healing system breaks down and can no longer fight against the effects of those NIFs, resulting in health symptoms.

This can happen even when you “eat healthy”, eating organic, fresh produce and few processed foods. This can feel very confusing.

Based on 30 years’ experience of using the Five Element Sasang system it has become undeniably clear to me that in order to be healthy, it is essential to understand your body constitution, the energetic characteristics of foods, and which foods best serve your body and promote health, your “positive impact foods”, or PIF.

The foods that best promote health for you can be completely different from those that are best for your friend, spouse, child, or parent.

When you eat foods that best serve YOUR body constitution, this will re-establish internal balance and good circulation.

This creates the conditions in which your natural healing system can re-start, clear away your symptoms, and protect your health as you age.

It is remarkable how much the human body can recover its health when given the right fuel. But it is essential to know what the right fuel is for YOU.


Stages of Progress

Your Initial Five Element Sasang Consultation: In your first consultation you receive detailed information about your overall health and internal balances/imbalances.

– What your Five Element chart reveals: The underlying imbalances that are the root source of your health symptoms.

– Foods: Which foods exacerbate the imbalances you were born with, and which foods bring you back into balance, strengthening your weak areas and restarting your natural healing system.

– Your overall Body Landscape: Cold, damp and sluggish, or hot, dry and overly stimulated. Do you have a spring, summer, fall, or winter Body Landscape?

– Looking at each of your internal organs – If their energy is weak or strong, and how that affects your health and emotions.

– Circulation: Does it become blocked in certain areas, and if so, how to open up the circulation.

– A detailed explanation of why you are having the symptoms you have, their underlying source, and the best approach to resolving them.

– A detailed dietary program designed to create balance for your specific internal energy makeup. This will trigger your body’s natural healing system to function, ultimately alleviating your health symptoms. This is Stage One: Now you begin your dietary program and do the best you can to avoid the foods that hurt you – your NIFs – and emphasize the foods that are most healing for you – your PIFs – until we meet again in 4 weeks.

Stage Two: Your First Follow-up Consultation – This Stage Two is essential, as it allows me to assess how your body is responding to the diet so far, and how to further fine tune your dietary program. – Once I can see how your symptoms are responding, then more refined dietary adjustments can be made. This will help you to progress towards your health goals. – In this consultation we review how you have been eating for the past month. At this stage you may still be working on getting fully onto your dietary plan. – At this point you do not have to be “perfectly” on the diet. This consultation will help you to get there. – We work together to find good substitutions for what you used to eat so that meals and snacks are satisfying.

– We objectively assess your progress, noting the symptoms that have improved so far, and which haven’t yet responded. For most people, at this stage some symptoms have already completely disappeared. – We make adjustments to your warming or cooling food proportions, targeting the symptoms that still remain.

– We go over your exercise program and make any necessary adjustments.

Stage Three: Your Second Follow-up – We meet again 4 weeks later, to further assess your symptoms and diet.

– We review your symptoms, looking at which have completely disappeared and which are still in a process of improving.

– Further dietary and exercise corrections/recommendations may be made at this stage, depending on how much your symptoms have improved.

– We dive deeper into your constitution and energy makeup, helping you to have a deeper understanding of your body constitution and why your symptoms appeared in the first place. This is the process of learning how to take charge of your own health.

– We may explore meditation, if you are so inclined, and styles that fit your spiritual goals and comfort level.

– Our mind and emotions play an integral part in our health and our life. Ultimately, we are all spiritual beings.
(More on this diet-health- emotions-spiritual practice connection in another newsletter.)

For most people, by the end of the Second Follow-up consultation they are well on their way to much improved health. They now understand their body constitution and why certain foods were causing their health symptoms.

The Importance of Guidance

If you persevere with your dietary program, you will begin to experience the level of health you have always hoped for.

You will begin feeling healthier, renewed and more energized.  Emotions feel more positive.

Gradually, most symptoms will disappear or be greatly alleviated.  (There are some symptoms that are not caused by diet and thus need to be addressed in other ways.) In the process of your wellness journey I cannot stress enough how important it is to receive guidanceWhen you are in a stage of healing, it is crucial that you understand which symptoms indicate that you are doing things right, and which symptoms mean that something needs to be adjusted. The clients who have the greatest success with this system are those who continue to receive guidance every month, for at least 2-3 months. This has been my experience in working with clients for many years. Assessing Your Progress: When you are transitioning from illness to wellness, it is hard to be objective through the healing processes you may encounter.
– Emotions come into play, distorting your good judgment.
– Your head can lack clarity.
– Most people are unfamiliar and inexperienced with this process, and unable to distinguish between what is a good sign and what isn’t.
– You can feel discouraged, just when you are on the verge of turning the corner and feeling better. An interesting thing happens: When symptoms disappear, we tend to forget we ever had them. So we lose sight of our progress. In the initial consultation we discuss all your symptoms in order to have a complete picture of your health issues.
During the Follow-up Consultations we go over this list of symptoms and often clients will say, “Oh, I forgot I had that. Yes, actually that is gone!” Now, usually the symptoms that disappear first are minor or less chronic symptoms. But it is human nature to forget we had these symptoms once they are gone. It’s important to be aware of these changes in order to see your progress.

At the end of each Follow-up Consultation, you will be feeling much more optimistic and excited when you realize just how much your health has improved. With each monthly adjustment to your nutritional program, you will experience more and more progress with your health. Eventually you will settle into your long-term dietary plan. Using the Five Element Sasang system, you will understand for yourself why your symptoms appeared, how to prevent them, and how to maintain excellent health going forward.

Scroll down to see our Featured Client’s Journey to Wellness below.

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Featured Client: Kathrin Gerrard, UK

I first heard about the Five Element Sasang nutritional program when I attended a yoga training with Sarah Powers. She spoke very highly of the method. I was interested, but uncertain, as I had tried other diet and lifestyle changes with little effect. Then after the training a friend I met on the course recommended it again, and at this point I was feeling pretty desperate so I was prepared to give it a try.

I had been suffering from quite a few health issues and had no idea why. My belly and legs were swollen, I was thirsty all the time, ears ringing, hands and feet were freezing, sore throats, headaches, and digestive issues.

Despite seeking medical advice I could never find out why I was having these symptoms.

The most difficult to deal with was that I was exhausted all the time, and also had chronic sinusitis.

The exhaustion was so bad that I had been unable to live a full life for quite some time. I was exhausted when I woke, and I would just be able to get myself through a day at work and then evenings and weekends would mostly be vegetating and sleeping.

It was hard to make plans, and when I did I had to manage my energy carefully and not do too much. My sinuses were always blocked, and I never felt any relief from them.

Most of the time my mind was dull and I had difficulty breathing, also headaches and face pain. I always felt weak and unwell in multiple ways.

The transition onto my Lesser Yang diet was quite difficult at first, as the diet was very different to how I was eating.

I also had my initial consultation close to the holiday festivities near the end of the year. So I didn’t manage very well to strictly follow my dietary program.

After Christmas I had my first Follow-up appointment and this really helped me get back on track. I committed to 1 month of following the diet. I stuck with it and I’m so pleased that I did.

I felt better than I had felt for years. I also started to crave the recommended foods from my diet and really enjoyed the new way of eating.

My specific diet however is challenging, as most meals in restaurants, and most popular recipes were not compliant. This made it hard when I had to travel for work and spend time away from home, so I strayed off my diet. I started to feel terrible again.

I had a further Follow-up consultation with Jaguang to help me understand better how to manage different situations such as travel and socializing. This helped me to understand how to manage my whole life, not just my at-home life.

This really helped me to stay with my diet, and to understand how to get back on the wagon once I had slipped.

The change was amazing. All my symptoms went away. Even things that I had not mentioned, such as my burning eyes, disappeared.

My energy was amazing. I was able to function for a whole day and felt great. I felt clear headed, like I had access to my whole brain again, and no headaches.

My sinus issue that I’ve had for decades and seen specialists about has gone completely, so I can breathe fully. I remember having a day where I was active all day and still at 6 PM I felt light on my feet and full of energy.

I don’t think I have ever felt this good in my whole life. It was completely liberating to feel so good, and I felt so much joy.

The Five Element Sasang system has completely changed my life. I never had a full life before, because I was too tired to enjoy it, but now I am able to live a full life and I am so grateful.

At the same time I have balance in my life as I now know how to manage the diet when I travel or socialize, and then how to get back on track afterwards.

It is truly amazing.

– Kathrin Gerrard, England

Kathrin’s Recipes

(For Lesser Yang constitution)

Dill & Basil Sauce

1/2 cup Sundried tomatoes
1/4 cup of capers
2/3 Bag of fresh dill
1 bag of fresh basil
2 tsp of dried basil
2 tsp dried parsley
2 cartons of oat cream 250ml
4 tin of chopped tomatoes
1  aubergine (eggplant)
2 courgette (zucchini)
Buckwheat or brown rice pasta

Heat the oven to 180
Chop/Cut the sundried tomatoes into small pieces
Finely chop the basil and dill
Put all ingredients into a pan
Bring to the boil then simmer for 30 mins
While the sauce if simmering thinly slice the aubergine and courgette and roast for about 15 min. until cooked, then add to the sauce for the remainder of cooking
Cook the pasta and add the sauce
Add salt to taste


Sundried Tomatoes, Green Olive and Basil Sauce

2 tsp celery salt
4 tins of chopped tomatoes
1 bag chopped fresh basil
½ cup of chopped pitted green olives in brine
½ cup chopped sundried tomatoes
¼ cup of chopped capers (little ones) in brine

Put it all in a pan, bring to a boil then simmer for half an hour. Leave to cool for 10-15 min. (or prepare in advance and cool fully and reheat when needed).

This will make enough for 4 to 8 meals depending on how much you use.

Goji & Raisin Bites

1/2 cup of light tahini
1 cup of rolled oats
1/2 cup of raisins
1/2 cup of goji berries
1 Tbsp of vanilla
2 tbsp of black sesame

  • Mix 2 tbsp of water into the oats and soak for a few minutes.

    Body Landscape Nutrition
    The Ancient Taoist Wisdom of
    Five Element Sasang Constitutional Medicine

  • Roughly chop the raisins
  • Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix together
  • When the mix is pliable place a tablespoon amount into the palm of your hands and roll into a ball.

If you would like to share your Five Element Sasang Journey to Wellness, contact Jaguang via email or the Contact page on our website. Your story will help to encourage and inspire others.
Blessings everyone!